Урок английского языка Праздники Британии. 8-й класс

  • Кутузова Елена Борисовна, учитель английского языка

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Цели и задачи урока:

  • развивать положительную мотивацию к изучению
    английского языка;
  • знакомить с традициями и обычаями Соединенного
  • формировать и развивать коммуникативную и
    социокультурную компетенцию;
  • практиковать использование в устной речи
    изученного лексического материала;
  • развивать навыки устной речи, аудирование и
    работы с текстом.

Ход урока

1. Организационный момент.

Hello, boys and girls! It’s time to speak about holidays celebrated in the UK. You
know that people in different countries celebrate different holidays. The British have
their holidays too. What British Holidays do you know?

Today we are going to speak about some of these holidays and learn about their customs
and traditions/

First let’s start with the words which will help us in this conversation.

2. Лексическая зарядка.

On the blackboard there are words. They are about different things. Please read those
words which:

1 name the emblems of Halloween, Christmas, St. Valentine’s Day

2 are the most popular phrases of these holidays

3 are the dates if the festivals

4 are the colors of the festivals

5 name those who celebrate these holidays

6 name the dishes cooked for these holidays

And now, using these words, make up short stories about Halloween, Christmas & St.
Valentine’s Day according to the plan:

1 when this holiday is celebrated

2 what phrase is the most popular on this day

3 what is the emblem of this festival

4 name the color of this festival

5 who celebrates this holiday

6 what dishes people eat on this day

3. Основная часть урока (аудирование,
говорение и работа с текстом)

When the harvest is gathered, autumn is coming to the end and winter is bringing its
cold and dark nights, people begin to think that somebody evil stole everything good from
their life. They ask kind spirits to help them. Halloween is a festival celebrated in
autumn/ I have a story about it for you in English & in Russian. The English story is
organized correctly, without mistakes. And the Russian translation of it is mixed, the
passages are in the wrong order. Read the story in English and organize it correctly in
Russian. (see supplement 1)

Sometimes during a party or in front of the people’s doors children read short rhymes
about characters whose costumes they wear. We have some poems about popular Halloween
heroes. But the names of these heroes are missing in the rhymes. I want you to insert the
right name from the list into each rhyme. (see supplement 2).

A very popular tradition is to sing songs about witches, ghosts and other evil spirits
at the parties or in front of the doors of the houses. Let’s sing one of the Halloween
songs. (see supplement 3).

After autumn comes winter. The most favorite winter holiday is Christmas. Listen to the
story about Christmas and be ready to finish the sentences on the paper.

-The Christmas story comes from the Bible. It tells a beautiful story about shepherds
who were watching their sheep when an angel appeared to them He told them that a Savior
was born in Bethlehem. The shepherds went to see Jesus the Savior. The baby Jesus was born
in a stable. His mother was the Virgin Mary. The Bible also tells how The Wise Men
followed the Star until it led them to Jesus. The wise Men gave Jesus their gifts. Because
of this event The Christians celebrate the holiday of Christmas. In the UK Christmas Day
is marked on the 25-th of December. Some weeks before Christmas people are busy. They send
greetings cards to their relatives and friends. They buy a Christmas tree and decorate it
with toys, colored balls and colored lights. They hang evergreen plants on the walls and
doors. On Christmas Eve grown-ups and children sing Christmas Carols and read Christmas
stories. Children stick socks on their bed’s sides for Father Christmas’ presents. In
the morning on the 25-th of December the families visit the church and then come home for
Christmas Dinner. For this dinner they usually eat roast turkey and Christmas Pudding.

And now take papers and finish the sentences. (see supplement

There are a lot of Christmas carols, let’s sing one of them, (pupils sing a carol
«We wish you A Merry Christmas)

Christmas is a religious holiday of Love to all people around you. But there is one
more holiday of Love- St. Valentine’s Day. They say that it also has some religious
background. But today the religious meaning is lost and lovers celebrate it as their
holiday. We are going to read about the history and traditions of this day and translate
the story into Russian. (see the supplement 5)

Sometimes the loving heart is broken. Try to help such people and gather the broken
hearts. (pupils gather puzzles «a broken heart»).

If you don’t want to have your heart broken, try to follow the national English
advice, proverbs and sayings. I have them in 2 pieces and want you to put these pieces
together and get English proverbs and sayings about love. (see
supplement 6).

The Russians also have proverbs and sayings about love. Find Russian equivalents to
English proverbs and sayings. (see supplement 7)

4. Заключительный этап урока.

Our lesson today was devoted to 3 popular British holidays, to people’s love to their
customs and traditions. You worked well and get only good and excellent marks. I believe
that next time we’ll speak about other British holidays and learn more about life on the

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