Обобщающий урок английского языка по теме Спорт Игра в футбол. 8-й класс

  • Омельяненко Людмила Николаевна, учитель английского языка

Цель: закрепление лексики по теме «Спорт»(Unit 8) в рамках речевой ситуации «Игра в футбол»;


  • обучение умению анализировать информацию в воспринимаемом на слух тексте;
  • практика диалогической и монологической речи по теме урока;
  • обсуждение качеств хорошего спортсмена на примере знаменитых футболистов.

Ход урока

I. Начало урока. Сообщение цели и задач урока.

T.: Good morning, boys and girls! I’m glad to see you again. Is everybody ready to start? Let’s begin our lesson now. You know that doing sport or doing other activities help you to be fit. If you are very good at sports you may become every body’s hero, especially at English and American school. Even if yesterday you had no friends and the teachers gave you bad marks and detentions. Today we are going to talk about football. You will learn to listen to texts and answer questions to them, then do some tasks.

II. Повторение лексики.

T.: First let’s review our vocabulary on topic “A Football match”.

  • to beat
  • to win
  • to lose
  • to end in a draw
  • score
  • goal
  • to score a goal
  • before
  • to dodge
  • to block
  • to hit
  • to miss
  • to pass
  • to be natural
  • to make a save
  • final
  • I can’t believe it
  • Forward, defender, coach, referee, goal keeper

III. Речевая зарядка.

T.: Please answer true or false. If false, give the right answer. Then answer my questions. (Exercises 2 and 3 p. 175 (SB))

IV. Заполнение кроссворда.

T.: Please, point to the black board and do the cross word puzzles.

Answer who does these things

  1. … stays in the goal.
  2. … trains the team.
  3. … attacks the goal and scores.
  4. … protects the goal.
  5. … controls a football match.


  1. Goalkeeper.
  2. coach.
  3. forward.
  4. defender.
  5. referee.

V. Монологическое высказывание.

T.: Who can answer my questions? What is football? What is the object of this game?

P.: Football is a field game between two teams played with a white round ball. The goalkeeper is the only one who can touch the ball with his or her hands. The other players are only allowed to kick ball or bump it with their heads. The object of the game is to kick the ball past the goalkeeper in to the goal. The team with the most points or goals wins.

VI. Аудирование.

T.: Now let’s listen to the tope, pronounce the words correctly and then listen to Mr. Smart’s commentary on the final.

T.: Please answer the questions to the text (Ex. 7 p. 181)

VII. Практика диалогической речи.

T.: Look at the board. Your task I to listen to the results of 4 games and fill in the table.


  • Manchester United – Chelsea 2:1
  • Spartak – Lokomotive 3:2
  • Dinamo – Shinnik 1:1
  • Real Madrid – Juventus 2:0

T.: Then you make groups of four work together with your partners. The task is to make some short dialogues about those games. You have 5 minutes for this task.

(опорные диалоги Ex A p 178, Ex 10 p 183, Ex 4 p 36 (WB-2))

Далее презентация диалогов

VIII. Практика монологической речи.

T.: If you want to go in for certain sports you need certain traits of character and skills. What skills should a football player have?

(На доске схема для ответа)

I think
To my mind
As for me
a football
 should  run fast
be patient
be strong
be clever
think clearly
be fit
have a lot of energy
have as great wish to win
be courageous

T.: Do you agree with these states ments?

  • Sports builds character
  • It teaches you about life
  • Sport makes men out of boys
  • Sport helps people to become good friends
  • Sport helps to meet people
  • It teaches you to win and to lose
  • It teaches you to be disciplined

(Предложение на доске ученики записывают в тетради.)

IX. Homework.

Words p. 191

X. Подведение итогов урока.

T.: It’s time to finish our lesson. I’m happy to say we have done a good bit of work during this lesson. You worked well (very well). I’ll give you …(marks). See you again. Good bye.

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